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Congratulations Bob Seger!

Rock Hall Class of 2004
Bob Seger

Rock The Hall for Bob Seger:

"Survey" & Supporters

Bob Seger FORUMS

Have you heard? "Rising from his working-class roots, Bob Seger has reached the pinnacle of the rock and roll world. "For after his loyal fans conducted a petition drive and collected nearly 4,500 signatures, Mr. Seger is finally being duly recognized and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He could not be more deserving." - Speech of Honorable Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan in the House of Representatives December 8, 2003 [MORE]

[Video] Bob Thanks Us!
>> Video No Longer Online - I will post another copy soon
“I want to thank all the fans who pushed real hard on the Internet and on rock radio to get me in here for all these years. Thanks so much. I know you never stopped.”


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